You were the one to invite me into the circle. On the strength of a dream, you looked past the facade and extended a hand to the person within. Brought into the firelight, I felt outclassed, a cub among greymuzzles being asked my opinions. You saw in me what I could only imagine, and you responded to it.

You showed me smoke. You let me play Twenty Questions with the Idiot Savant. You showed me the dot on the wall, and I showed you my pictures of the golem. You introduced me to the others, and through them I saw something about which I wanted to learn more. I wanted to be a part of the fire, a participant, not just an observer.

I never made the time to thank you, for what you offered me. I don't think you'd have done more than laugh about it if I had. I never made the time I should have made to get to know you better. I always said I wished I could, but I never did. I regret that now, but regrets can't change the past.

"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly." Fly with Raven, old friend.

In memoriam.

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