So, igneous compounds have been observed in a localized occurance of sanguination. More succinctly, the rock bled.

After all the brou-ha-ha I committed about the Evils of LiveJournal and other such neo-Luddite exhortations against my friends, to suddenly be in possession of one seems absurd. Then again, I have an account on FurryMUCK and an AIM account, too, now, and two years ago I was still railing against both of those.

I've said before that I'm not an early adopter, but by now one might think that I'd at least learn from my mistakes. I commented to Joanne on IRC earlier tonight that I'm not "happy" with having gotten an account, but at the same time I'm tired of fighting the March of Progress. I'm also still somewhat embarrassed about having had such a harangue with Jessie over the whole issues, too. To be sure, if Jessie hadn't goofed in a technical aspect of posting something private, I probably still wouldn't have an account, but I blew the situation way out of proportion to the actual issue.

This is now, I think, the third time I've said I had no use for something, only to end up in possession of it a few days later.

The part that makes me laugh, though, is the fact that now that I have all of these things, the call to actually use them has all but vanished. I haven't been on FM or AIM in months. Nobody seems to have noticed, or if they have they haven't bothered to contact me by any of the known reliable media and ask where I've been. I wonder if this, too, will end up being another in a long line of pan-flashes for me. It is said that Albert Einstein once had a friend buy him a can of shaving cream, which he found infinitely preferable to the ordinary soap he had been using to shave. When the can ran dry, he went back to soap, either never remembering or never caring enough to continue using the invention that he had hailed as such a blessing. Inertia won out over innovation.

It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.

In other news, I finally have a road-worthy vehicle again, so sayeth the mechanics to whom I took the car. This removes one of the two big things that went wrong on January 8, and means I have a much better chance of correcting the second with ease.

It also means, friends and neighbors, that the planning for the Bash can continue. In fact, the city, airport and dates are already selected, but we need now to drive up to the area and select the best hotel for the job, then get a contract. For that, I fully intend to call in SR, who was invaluable in assembling last year's Bash, 'cause I sure as heck can't read legalese. I click through all my EULAs without reading them on the grounds they're all immoral if not illegal and thus aren't binding. This will probably get me in trouble one day.

For those of you who feel like starting your plans, the Bash this year will be in Allentown, which is about two hours' drive north of Philadelphia, so chosen because the only thing within the vicinity of PHL proper is a Sunoco
refinery and some highway leading into Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This is not the most scenic part of town. Most Bashers, as a rule, are poor. The ones that aren't are tight with money so as to avoid
being poor,
and thus I figure the extra money spent on trying to fly into a smaller airport will more than be saved in car rental and gasoline fees for the people who will be flying to the event. The rest of you, you'll be driving anyway, so it's not even an extra tank of gas difference.

To those of you planning on attending, my apologies at the lateness of the date and the lack of plans so far. Given everything that's already happened this year, I hope you can forgive me when I say "I had other crises to handle first." See you all in three months!

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