Every year, I have to put together a bio for the Anthrocon staff booklet. Trying to find a new way to say the same thing every year has always been a bit of a challenge, but the fifty-word restriction has always been the single biggest shut-out. Trying to express "who I am" in fifty words or less has never been an easy task.

Last year I decided to deliberately break the form by writing a bio that hit exactly fifty words and cut off in mid-sentence. I thought this was terribly clever, but I discovered that someone else had come up with the same idea!
Convergent though, certainly; I didn't get the idea from the other party. I was, however, still disappointed to see that my originality had not been all that original.

This year, I think I've come up with something that not only easily comes in under the fifty-word limit but also should be in a form that others will not so readily adopt. Therefore, I present to you the Buni Alphabet:

  1. Anthropomorphs.
  2. Buni!
  3. Computers.
  4. DEVO.
  5. Existentialism.
  6. Furries.
  7. Gender theory.
  8. Humanism.
  9. Illuminatus!
  10. Jessie.
  12. Linguistics.
  13. Modernism.
  14. Null Manifesto.
  15. Objectivism.
  16. Posthumanism.
  17. Qiti!
  18. Role-playing.
  19. Stories.
  20. Transformation.
  21. Utopia.
  22. Viridian.
  23. Writing.
  24. Xenophilia.
  25. Yacatisma.
  26. Zoomorphs.

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