Dr. Sanguan stopped by the room about an hour ago, and he said that tomorrow
he's going to change the dressing on my side and my groin, and if everything
looks good he'll let me stand for a bit and walk around, but he still wants
me to take things carefully for a day or two, and then once he's removed the
catheter I should be able to get up and walk around without discomfort.
Already I don't hurt much, though I am sore from just lying still, and the
packing inside me isn't helping any with that.

Mostly what I'm fighting for pain right now is the steady but inconsistent
stream of migraines that have been hitting me at odd hours. It's always in
the same place, too. It feels like someone's shoving an ice-pick through my
left temple, and my vision swims while it's happening. I've had four of them
in the last two days. I have no idea what causes them, or how to get rid of
them other than lying back and trying to nap or else asking for massive
doses of painkillers that I don't even need for my surgical sites any more.
It's a little distressing to think that the headaches hurt worse than the
surgery wounds; the latter will heal in time.

Now it's just down to a waiting game. Waiting to change the packing. Waiting
to check the graft. Waiting to get the catheter out. Waiting to go back to
England. Even, as much as I'm looking forward to seeing Chloe again, waiting
to get home. I'm very weary right now, and I want to spend a night in my own
bed without any tubes or nurses around.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

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