I think this is actually the longest that I've managed to put off updating my diary. Six weeks seems like a long time, but to me it feels like no time at all. In the next few weeks, I'll probably be adding a lot to it in a very short time, since I'm about to leave for my trip to Thailand. Today's been a bit hectic, since it's my last day at work, but after today, things will start happening that require notation here.

One thing of note did happen today, or rather didn't. I didn't take my hormones this morning, nor will I tonight. I've started the two-week countdown to the surgery itself, and for the next fourteen days I'm off of my pills. This is one of the big reasons why I'm not too worried about the insurance people covering these first few days; I turn into an unlivable bitch when I'm not taking them regularly.

I just hope Jessie survives to see the end-results of the surgery. The last time I ended up not taking my prescribed dosage, zie called an exorcist.

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