Two days have passed, roughly, since I last updated my diary, and I'm of mixed feelings on that. On the one hand, I did promise that I'd generate a thorough recording of the trip here, and on the other nothing "unusual" has
really happened. We did identify that the bedsores on my rump have been standard pressure sores that have gone away over time, and last night I was able to lie in bed comfortably for the first time in several days which I have
to say has been a blessing unto itself.

Last night, we ordered Thai pizza online, which I must say was far more of an experience than it needed to be,
but well worth the effort in the end. One of the local pizzarias had left a laminated menu at the nurses' station, and at the bottom they'd listed their website, amusingly hosted by the same company providing our dialup access. So, we decided that rather than try to go through the nurses, ordering through the staff and then dealing with cash hassles and such, we'd just take care of the entire transaction online and pay with a credit card, as they said we
could, which would make things nice and convenient.

Of course, nowhere on their site could I find a place to enter my credit card information, and then it said that it would email the details of the transaction to my listed mailing address, which I had marked as nobody@menagerie.tf to prevent any unwanted advertizing. So, I went through the entire ordering process again to get the details of the order, only to fail to have the email materialize at all. Right after that, I managed to
knock my catheter bag into the floor, and shortly thereafter I had a crying fit all over Jessie's arm.

The pizza itself was quite good, once it did arrive, though. I was so shocked when the delivery man arrived at the room—ahead of schedule, no less—that it tasted far better than I expected it would, even given that the sausages on my "meat deluxe" were curried. The cocktail sauce that came with our breadsticks tasted sufficiently of peanuts to give me pause, but Jessie adored it, saying that zie lacked any equivalent in Western cuisine and that for that alone it was brilliantly weird. 

This morning, I got myself out of bed and did my own cleaning in the bathroom. I still can't shower because of the epidural needle, so my hair is a horrendous mat on the top of my head, but I could take a washcloth to my own
skin, brush my teeth without having someone hand me the spit-tray, et cetera. There's something heavily empowering in being able to do one's own toiletries after so many days in bed. I could have gotten up any time along the way and done this, but until now sitting up hasn't been an option because of the bedsores, and before that I couldn't get out of bed at all.

Of course, now I'm getting out of bed and able to really walk around and such just in time for another few days of enforced bedrest. Dr. Sanguan came to the room just after I'd finished cleaning myself and inspected things, and he said everything looks set for the skin graft either tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning, so either I can have breakfast and not lunch, or lunch and dinner but not breakfast the next day. However, it also means that I'll be three procedures down, and only one to go before I should start being able to look at return flights to England to see Chloe again.

In a way, this whole trip has been an incredible vacation, despite the painful medical procedures under which I've gone while I've been here. I've gotten to see one of my extended family, I've gone through the last major stage in my transition, I've gotten to see two foreign countries I'd never visited before, and I've actually met a number of people here that, in one way or another, I'm glad to have gotten to know.

In a very small way, I'm going to miss Thailand. Not much, and not often, but it'll probably happen.

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